Re:Store brand identity
+capsule collection 

This project was about creating a brand and the first 
capsule collection inspired by post soviet street visuals.

Here you can follow my process.

I created some moodboards 
using post soviet visuals
 to get me in the mood.

them: how many colours
 can you use?
me: yes. 

wow, this is me showing you how long
 it took me to create a decent logo for Re:Store
Took me 3 nervous breakdowns and 5 cups of coffee.

and here is the logo for 
capsule collection

 stickers and tags,
can't miss those.

Here you go,
 final shooting.
 Looks fun to me!

Also, this project was among the 10 best projects chosen by Designschule
 Munich. And I've got interviewed for this project. Check it out!
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